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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurroundingsur‧round‧ing /səˈraʊndɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  NEARnear or around a particular place syn nearby Troops sealed off the surrounding area. We decided to explore the surrounding countryside.
Examples from the Corpus
surroundingAmplification of this energy promotes fertilization of the surrounding area via underground water-courses.Collins L.J. also rejected the argument that surrounding circumstances qualified the primafacie meaning of the document.The local Station served the surrounding community and carried a fair amount of passenger and freight traffic.Teesside Operations has no data to indicate that Wilton operations is the cause of any ill health in the surrounding community.Anders spent the afternoon hiking in the surrounding hills.More than enough, one would have thought, to cater for the surrounding levels.Parents in the surrounding towns have been targeted.At Barwick the new garlands are taken round the surrounding villages and a collection made before they are attached to the maypole.the surrounding villagesMost of them simply release their eggs and sperm and rely on the surrounding water to bring them together.surrounding countrysideApproximately 150 people make up the population of Tibthorpe; their homes with beautiful views over the surrounding countryside.They are a useful visual reminder that the chapel attracted worshippers from the surrounding countryside.This meant that the cities which ultimately grew up within this rural society were of a different character from the surrounding countryside.Towns, therefore, were coming to assume greater importance as places of defence and refuge for the surrounding countryside.We enjoyed walking and playing in the surrounding countryside.The surrounding countryside is very pretty, with the South Downs attracting many walkers.The surrounding countryside offers plenty of creative scope, and so these trips are welcomed by the landscape enthusiasts in the group.Craigendarroch is the perfect base for discovering the surrounding countryside with its bustling towns, and picturesque villages.
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