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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurvivalsur‧viv‧al /səˈvaɪvəl $ sər-/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun  1 LIVING/ALIVE[uncountable] the state of continuing to live or existsurvival of Illegal hunting is threatening the survival of the species. The doctors gave him a one in ten chance of survival. A lot of small companies are having to fight for survival (=work hard in order to continue to exist).2 survival of the fittest3 a survival from somethingCOLLOCATIONSadjectiveslong-term survivalThe long-term survival of polar bears is at risk.continued survivalThe continued survival of this species of dolphin seems unlikely.economic survivalBoth countries depend on wildlife-based tourism for their economic survival.political survivalThe prime minister is fighting for his political survival.survival + NOUNthe survival rateThe survival rate of animals returned to the wild remains an unanswered question.somebody’s survival instinct (=a natural ability to know how to survive)My survival instinct told me to get up and run.survival skillsThey learned survival skills from the local Indian tribe.a survival strategyThe best survival strategy is to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger.verbsfight/struggle for survivalMany construction companies are fighting for survival.ensure the survival of something/somebodyControlling land development would ensure the survival of many types of wildlife.owe your survival to somebody/somethingThe frogs owe their survival to a conservation program.phrasessomebody’s chance(s) of survivalHe knew that his chances of survival were small.somebody’s fight/struggle/battle for survivalTheir lives had been one long struggle for survival.
Examples from the Corpus
survivalIt has come to have a bearing on the larger questions of civilized survival.It does not seem regressive to put it to use in the service of gay survival as well.But if we think of our target as anything that would improve survival chances, the argument still works.Doctors say his chances of survival are not good.It was my own survival mechanism.The important things are the genes, which are selfish, in seeking their own survival by any means.This in itself is why the panda's survival is becoming more and more dubious every year.However, subversive survival strategies were possible.fight for survivalTwo years ago, he arrived battered, beaten and fighting for survival in the face of Republican victories in 1994.Time allowed 00:22 Read in studio Five puppies are fighting for survival after being left to die in a rubbish sack.Now they are fighting for survival.The old chairman still worries about them, about the continued fight for survival.This argument is that the inverse relationship is a result of desperate families fighting for survival from too small pieces of land.Transformation gave way to a grim fight for survival.The deal, which is worth almost seventeen million pounds, depends on Morland winning its fight for survival.The miners took their fight for survival to Downing Street yesterday with a 638,000-name petition opposing the closures.
From Longman Business Dictionarysurvivalsur‧viv‧al /səˈvaɪvəlsər-/ noun1[uncountable] the state of continuing to exist, even though a situation is difficultThe change of strategy will ensure the firm’seconomic survival.Survival in commercial business often depends on a company’s ability to expand its product line.2survival of the fittest a situation in which only the strongest and most successful people, organizations etc continue to existIn today’s business climate, survival of the fittest means survival of the fastest to respond to the changing market.
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