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survival of the fittest

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurvival of the fittestsurvival of the fittestCOMPETE WITH/TRY TO BEATa situation in which only the strongest and most successful people or things continue to exist survival
Examples from the Corpus
survival of the fittestWe are now entering the era of strict personal accountability, value for money, and survival of the fittest.It is survival of the fittest out there and if I had to do it again I believe I would.They call it survival of the fittest, although it's their own survival they are now worried about.And as all we fifths of six know, life is, ahem, strictly survival of the fittest.These are metaphors of battle, struggle and the survival of the fittest.Skiing involves the survival of the fittest.The law of the survival of the fittest was not made by man.
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