Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: suspectare, from the past participle of suspicere 'to look up at, admire, distrust', from sub- 'up, secretly' + specere 'to look at'


1 verb
sus‧pect1 S2 W3 [transitive not in progressive]
1 to think that something is probably true, especially something bad
suspect (that)
I suspected that there was something wrong with the engine.
She strongly suspected he was lying to her.
She's not going to be very happy about this, I suspect.
2 to think that something bad has happened or is happening:
The doctors suspected pneumonia.
suspect murder/foul play
The position of the body led the police to suspect murder.
suspect something/nothing/anything
He never suspected anything.
3 to think that someone is probably guilty of a crime:
Who do you suspect?
suspect somebody of (doing) something
He's suspected of murder.
Pilcher was suspected of giving away government secrets to the enemy.
4 to think that something is not honest or true:
I began to suspect his motives in inviting me.

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