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suspended animation

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuspended animationsusˌpended aniˈmation noun [uncountable]  1 MIa state in which a person or creature is unconscious and their body works very slowly, but from which they can wake up when the situation is right2 WAITa feeling that you cannot do anything because you are waiting for something to happen
Examples from the Corpus
suspended animationThe United States' political institutions were in suspended animation.The political life of the nation finally came out of its suspended animation.When the summer sun shines on them, they become hard and brittle, and enter a state of suspended animation.The creature seemed to be in a state of suspended animation.Everyone was in a state of suspended animation.In its present state of suspended animation, however, H-4 may look forward to a well-preserved life of undetermined longevity.As soon as the political problem was resolved, he released military operations from their state of suspended animation.It can remain in this state of suspended animation for at least two years.
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