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suspensionsus‧pen‧sion /səˈspenʃən/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 stopping something [uncountable]STOP something THAT IS HAPPENING when something is officially stopped for a period of timesuspension of Both sides are now working towards a suspension of hostilities.2 making somebody leave [countable]LEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATIONLEAVE A SCHOOL OR COLLEGE when someone is not allowed to go to school, do their job, or take part in an activity for a period of time as a punishment He received a six-month suspension for unprofessional behaviour.suspension from The fight led to his suspension from school.3 part of a vehicle [uncountable]TTC a part attached to the wheels of a vehicle that makes it more comfortable on roads that are not smooth a car with an excellent suspension system4 liquid [countable] technicalHCLIQUID a liquid mixture in which very small pieces of solid material are contained but have not combined with it
Examples from the Corpus
suspensionShe was denied any opportunity to appear before councillors in order to appeal against her suspension.As President, Özal refused to consider an immediate suspension of the constitutional ban on political parties.In this respect, animal cells are quite unlike those of bacteria, which grow happily in suspension.But he knew that suspension was only a half way house towards complete termination.It was this that suggested that there had been pricing errors which lead to the suspension of the trusts.The suspension will cost him nearly $ 43,500.Baker was given a two-week suspension for criticizing the coach.Diego Maradona played in a charity exhibition on Wednesday in apparent defiance of his worldwide suspension for use of cocaine.suspension ofa suspension of military activities
From Longman Business Dictionarysuspensionsus‧pen‧sion /səˈspenʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable]1the act of officially stopping something from continuing or happening for a short period of timesuspension of/onThe government lifted the suspension on trading yesterday.The company will have to file for suspension of payments if no more money is forthcoming.2HUMAN RESOURCES the removal of someone from their job, position, or organization for a short time, especially because they have broken the rulesThe offence has a minimum penalty of a one-year suspension.He will return to the office after the suspension to resume most of his supervisory duties.
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