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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuspicioussus‧pi‧cious /səˈspɪʃəs/ ●●○ adjective  1 SUSPECTthinking that someone might be guilty of doing something wrong or dishonestsuspicious of Some of his colleagues at work became suspicious of his behaviour.suspicious about They were suspicious about my past. His reluctance to answer my questions made me suspicious. She gave him a suspicious glance. You’ve got a very suspicious mind!2 SUSPECTmaking you think that something bad or illegal is happening They found a suspicious package under the seat. a suspicious death He was behaving in a highly suspicious manner. a suspicious-looking charactersomething/anything/nothing suspicious Call the police if you see anything suspicious. Her mother had died in suspicious circumstances.3 TRUST#feeling that you do not trust someone or something syn warysuspicious of She was always suspicious of strangers. He was deeply suspicious of the legal system.
Examples from the Corpus
suspiciousThe tone of Danny's voice made Nancy suspicious.She should have been more suspicious.The circumstances surrounding McBain's death are suspicious.His employer became suspicious about the amount of money he was claiming for expenses.We thought his behaviour was suspicious and called the police immediately.The officials we met in the capital looked suspicious and tense, as if they were expecting us to declare war on them.What had become of the suspicious anti-warrior of the sixties, casting reproachful glances at the Temple University computer center?The public have been asked to report anything suspicious at once.He glanced around, satisfied that nobody was taking any notice of his suspicious behaviour, then opened the door.Butler has been involved in several suspicious business deals.A full murder inquiry was launched after the company chairman died in suspicious circumstances.We hide behind our men, peeping at each other in a curious and suspicious fashion.There was a suspicious-looking man standing in a doorway across the street.The bruises join a growing list of suspicious marks found on Katelyn in the final 15 weeks of her life.You have a very suspicious mind, Mary. No, I had nothing to do with this.The local people were suspicious of me because of my somewhat unusual lifestyle.The police were suspicious of Simpson because his story did not quite make sense.She's deeply suspicious of the circumstances.There was a suspicious silence as I opened the door.It all seems very suspicious to me. Where did he get all that money from?I also had a suspicious, ungenerous feeling about the reluctance of the white teachers to make use of more realistic books.I started to get suspicious when I found a hotel bill in Sarah's pocket.made ... suspiciousEven if there was little to be suspicious about, such cosiness made others suspicious.The Headmaster's happy mood made everyone suspicious.The way Tony DeFries went at it made me very suspicious.The words were all right but the lack of emphasis made Peter suspicious.It made Miguel suspicious about both of them.It made him naturally suspicious of Billy Graham, who among popular missioners was as far from William Nicholson as was possible.The fact that Wycliffe often deferred to her judgement made Kersey suspicious of her intrusion into their cosy male councils.in suspicious circumstancesDetectives are eager to hear from anyone who is offered such goods in suspicious circumstances.Duhamel - Port Security, co-operated fully, help invaluable, killed tonight in suspicious circumstances.More sinister are the deaths in suspicious circumstances of two army officers who were investigating the rhino horn trade.deeply suspiciousHe is deeply suspicious about Western intentions on his continent.His refusal to compromise and his deeply suspicious nature was spoiling the pleasure of actually being part of the group.It's hardly surprising that we should be deeply suspicious of any attempt to deal with a subject as charged as rape.David Widgery was deeply immersed in student politics, and deeply suspicious of It.She's deeply suspicious of the circumstances.This liberty was short-lived however. parliament, deeply suspicious of the King's intentions, proclaimed his Declaration illegal in February.
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