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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuspiciouslysus‧pi‧cious‧ly /səˈspɪʃəsli/ adverb  1 SUSPECTin a way that shows you think someone has done something wrong or dishonest Meg looked at me suspiciously. ‘What do you want it for?’ he asked suspiciously.2 SUSPECTin a way that makes people think that something bad or illegal is happening He saw two youths acting suspiciously. He seemed to be taking a suspiciously long time. This sounded suspiciously like an attempt to get rid of me.3 SUSPECTin a way that shows you do not trust something or someone They eyed the food suspiciously.
Examples from the Corpus
suspiciouslyThe soldiers watched us suspiciously.The girl sitting next to her is somber and watches the teacher suspiciously.She studied me suspiciously and this strengthened my belief that Ralemberg had his own secrets.The soldiers regarded us suspiciously, but finally turned back to the partition where another woman was moaning in pain.Something deep inside her stirred suspiciously, but no, it wasn't possible.At first such logic sounds suspiciously circular, but that is its beauty.Watching a neighbour put up a suspiciously large extension for which he supposedly has permission.In his known letters, Degas was as suspiciously silent about photography as his Impressionist associates.But in fact the similarities between you and Sybil are quite incredible - suspiciously so.acting suspiciouslyAnd police are appealing for witnesses who may have seen anyone acting suspiciously.I had Carradine walled up and down the street several times, acting suspiciously.The victim was attacked after spotting the men acting suspiciously at 3.25am outside his house in Bracknell, Berks.The 51-year-old noticed the youths acting suspiciously in a Middlesbrough pub.Police have appealed to anyone who may have seen people acting suspiciously in the area of the hospital to contact them.Conor Matthews is blowing his lines and acting suspiciously like a drunk.Employees of oil companies in the city have been warned to be on the alert for anyone acting suspiciously near their offices.So when she sees a driver acting suspiciously, she calls the police.
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