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swallow your pride

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswallow your prideswallow your prideSORRY/APOLOGIZEto do something even though it is embarrassing for you, because you have no choice I swallowed my pride and phoned him. swallow
Examples from the Corpus
swallow your prideMichelle, set on being an actress, wasn't interested at first, but in the end she swallowed her pride.Still, it was painful, and he struggled desperately to swallow his pride.He'll have to swallow his pride and apologize.I swallowed my pride and did as I was told.But the argument, that they should swallow their pride and join the union, does not seem popular at present.Last night she had swallowed her pride and rung the Kilburn flat twice.He swallowed his pride and went to Frieda, told her the situation.Elsie kept quiet about his affair and swallowed her pride, however.
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