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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswastikaswas‧ti‧ka /ˈswɒstɪkə $ ˈswɑː-/ noun [countable]  AVDa sign consisting of a cross with each end bent at 90º, used as a sign for the Nazi Party in Germany
Examples from the Corpus
swastikaOn the gate were painted a Star of David, an equal sign, and a swastika.To wear a swastika in 1981 was to say that something real was on the march again.In 1981, you couldn't pass off wearing a swastika as a sick joke.A symbol of lesser importance was the cross and its variants such as the star, wheel and swastika.The facade was small but ingeniously worked; scrolls and biblical scenes appeared beside swastikas and rain patterns.He was a skinhead, and had a line of swastikas tattooed around his neck.With the exception of the flag with the swastika, I do not remember colors other than gray.He wore a white ten-gallon hat and black cowboy boots decorated with swastikas and stars.
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