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sweatshirtsweat‧shirt /ˈswet-ʃɜːt $ -ʃɜːrt/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  DCCa loose warm piece of clothing which covers the top part of your body and arms and is worn especially for sport or relaxation
Examples from the Corpus
sweatshirtI replace my urban costume with jeans and a sweatshirt and feel more at peace.One of the attackers was wearing a sweatshirt with Weetabix written across it.Or the aerobics look-spandex and sweatshirts.It was raining quite hard and his Canals sweatshirt felt lumpy and cold.In his sweatshirt and jeans it feels as if it is no temperature at all.Her body sags inside her oversized sweatshirt.Her white sweatshirt is bunched up and tucked in at the small of her back, so her rear is exposed.Her lurex leggings, high suede boots and yellow sweatshirt are folded and tucked away with equal care.
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