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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsweatysweat‧y /ˈsweti/ adjective (comparative sweatier, superlative sweatiest)  1 SWEATcovered or wet with sweat We came home hot and sweaty after the day’s work. sweaty palms2 HOTSWEAT[usually before noun] unpleasantly hot or difficult, so that you sweat a sweaty August day a sweaty job
Examples from the Corpus
sweatyWith eel in her hand, the baby at her feet, Sethe dozed, dry-mouthed and sweaty.Domroes furrowed his sweaty brows, closed his eyes and began praying harder.a sweaty can of beersweaty clothesThere was wine on the sleeve, and it was a mass of sweaty creases.They had been handed over counters, crumpled, made greasy by hundreds of sweaty hands.He was a short fat guy with big sweaty hands.I'm all hot and sweaty. I think I'll take a shower.So return with us to that steamy, sweaty shanty in Old Boston Town.A man in a sweaty shirt was having a beer while keeping an eye on a dolly of furniture outside.The equipment manager collected the sweaty uniforms and took them down to the hotel laundry.
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