2 noun
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sweep2 [countable]
1 a long swinging movement of your arm, a weapon etc:
With a single sweep of his sword, he cut through the rope.
2 [usually singular] British EnglishDHC the act of cleaning a room with a long-handled brush:
The kitchen needs a good sweep.

the sweep of something

a) a long curved line or area of land:
the wide sweep of lawn
b) the many different and important ideas, events, or qualities of something:
the broad sweep of history
4 [usually singular] a search or attack that moves over a large area:
He watched the helicopter make a sweep over the beach.

the sweeps

also sweeps month/period American English a period of time during the year when television stations try to find out which shows are the most popular
6 American English a series of several games that one team wins against another team
7BODHC a chimney sweep

➔ clean sweep

at clean1 (14)

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