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swimsuitswim‧suit /ˈswɪmsuːt, -sjuːt $ -suːt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  DSSDCCa piece of clothing worn for swimming
Examples from the Corpus
swimsuitI get a shirt for the Gay Games at a boutique filled with shirts, shorts, and swimsuits.She was a good swimmer in her blue swimsuit.But swimsuits are the attire of the brave and very slim.Cindy Crawford has said her job is hard because frequent swimsuit changing leads to callouses and scabs.She went upstairs, changed into her swimsuit and set off, on foot, for the cove.In 1995, about a third of the 52 million swimsuits sold for women age 14 and over were two-piece.She had been to her room and put on one of the swimsuits she had bought.
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