2 noun
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swing2 S3

seat with ropes

[countable]DLO a seat hanging from ropes or chains, usually used by children play on by moving it forwards and backwards using their legs:
a porch swing


[countable] a curved movement made with your arm, leg etc:
He took a swing at (=tried to hit) my head and missed.
the swing of her hips as she walked


[countable] a noticeable change in opinions or emotions
swing to/towards/between etc
a big swing towards right-wing ideology
She suffers from mood swings.


[singular]DSG the movement you make when you hit the ball in golf, baseball, or some other sports:
I spent months correcting my swing.


[uncountable]APM a type of dance music played by a big band in the 1930s and 1940s that is similar to jazz

get into the swing of it/things

to become fully involved in an activity:
Once we got into the swing of it, it took no time at all.

be in full swing

if an event or process is in full swing, it has reached its highest level of activity:
By midnight the end-of-course party was in full swing.

go with a swing

British English if a party or activity goes with a swing, it is enjoyable and successful:
everything you need to make your party go with a swing

swings and roundabouts

British English used to say that two choices have an equal number of gains and losses, so there is little difference between them

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