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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswordfishsword‧fish /ˈsɔːdˌfɪʃ $ ˈsɔːrd-/ noun (plural swordfish) [countable]  APDa large fish with a very long pointed upper jaw
Examples from the Corpus
swordfishFish is something of a speciality with restaurants offering everything from grilled swordfish and lobster, to baby eels in garlic butter.We sat on the outside terrace and cooled ourselves with a beer until our swordfish sandwiches and fries arrived.He gets some good comic mileage out of a stuffed swordfish in the opening sequence, and handles one-liners well.But restaurants sometimes find it harder to peddle sweatshirts than swordfish.Take a boat in search of the swordfish and marlin which offer great sport in these waters.The swordfish family has a much longer, slender snout than the sailfish.The swordfish, like the sailfish, will follow a school of fish for a considerable distance before it decides to attack.
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