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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswordsmanswords‧man /ˈsɔːdzmən $ ˈsɔːrdz-/ noun (plural swordsmen /-mən/) [countable]  1 HBFsomeone who is good at fighting with a sword2 informal a man who has sex very often and with a lot of different women
Examples from the Corpus
swordsmanBetween the archers were set the formations of pikemen and swordsmen.When the identity is realized, I as swordsman see no opponent confronting me and threatening to strike me.They were said to be fearless swordsmen and able to shoot a man between the eyes at a hundred paces.What King Richard was best at was fighting; in fact, he was the finest swordsman and horseman of his age.He was the more skilled swordsman.Meanwhile the swordsmen move round to attack the enemy in the sides or to protect the halberdiers against a flanking attack.The hand gunners deploy to one side of the halberdiers while the swordsmen deploy to the other.This swordsman wears red and white, the traditional colours of his province.
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