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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswornsworn1 /swɔːn $ swɔːrn/ verb  x-refthe past participle of swearswornsworn2 adjective  1 sworn enemies2 sworn statement/evidence/testimony etc
Examples from the Corpus
swornIt is a strange sister party which wants to see Labour's sworn enemies back in power.More and more the sworn enemies of Tokugawa political power openly flouted Bakufu authority.In the Fifties they were sworn enemies.This killer dressed like a popinjay, sweetly singing a madrigal to men he knew were his sworn enemies.For self-defence therefore the sworn foresters were allowed to carry bows and arrows in the forest.Forest wardens, verderers, regarders, foresters and sworn jurors made presentments before them of offences against vert and venison.She had done nothing criminal; she had merely broken a sworn promise.Years later her parents made a sworn statement testifying that the couple had met in July 1917.