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syllabicsyl‧lab‧ic /səˈlæbɪk/ adjective  1 SLbased on or relating to syllables syllabic stress2 technical a syllabic consonant forms a whole syllable, for example the /l/ in ‘battle
Examples from the Corpus
syllabicSome phonologists maintain that a syllabic consonant is really a case of a vowel and a consonant that have become combined.Since in every language there are far more syllables than phonemes, syllabic representation must inevitably require more symbols than phonemic representation.Moreover, the more phonologically complex a language, the more symbols will be needed for syllabic representation.They provide a fixed inventory of syllabic signs from which to draw for phonetic representation of spoken words.syllabic soundsSyllabic writing requires mastery of what may be several hundred or several thousand symbols that are needed for syllabic representation.a syllabic writing system
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