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syllabubsyl‧la‧bub, sillabub /ˈsɪləbʌb/ noun [countable, uncountable] British English  DFFa sweet food made by mixing cream with sugar and wine or fruit juice
Examples from the Corpus
syllabubThe ingredients of a syllabub, we find, are simple and sumptuous.Not all syllabubs were necessarily made with wine.Max Beerbohm's generation must have been the last to which the delicious syllabub was a familiar childhood treat.This version was called a solid or everlasting syllabub.The pudding, a sort of syllabub, is also rich.The wine and lemon-flavoured cream whip or syllabub which had crowned the Trifle had begun to disappear.Keep the syllabubs in a cool place - not in the refrigerator - until you are ready to serve them.At the celebration breakfast there were syllabubs.
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