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symbolsym‧bol /ˈsɪmbəl/ ●●● W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 AVSIGN/SYMBOLa picture or shape that has a particular meaning or represents a particular organization or ideasign The symbol on the packet is a guarantee that the food has been produced organically.symbol of The dove is a symbol of peace.2 SIGN/SYMBOLa letter, number, or sign that represents a sound, an amount, a chemical substance etcsymbol for Fe is the chemical symbol for iron.3 SHOW/BE A SIGN OFsomeone or something that represents a particular quality or ideasymbol of Space exploration provides a symbol of national pride. sex symbol
Examples from the Corpus
symbolRollins has emerged as a symbol of modern jazz at its finest.The trouble was that the old meeting-house had become a symbol of religious and cultural isolation.The dove is a symbol of peace.For several years Prince used a symbol instead of his name.But none could deny that a fine house was a symbol of status and wealth.Miss Piggy, Kermit and the rest now come across as symbols of a bygone era.The cross is the most important symbol in Christianity.The walls were covered with magical symbols.The ancient Egyptians had no symbol for "zero.""H" is the scientific symbol for hydrogen.Cathy Freeman is the symbol for the millennium Games.The left half of the symbol identifies the manufacturer; the right half identifies the product.He must start with the explanations and commentaries which his informants themselves offer about their symbols.Back at field headquarters, Hartzog said, field commanders will view symbols that identify different forces on computer screens.symbol ofA hammer is often used in art as a symbol of authority.
From Longman Business Dictionarysymbolsym‧bol /ˈsɪmbəl/ noun [countable]1a picture, shape, or set of letters that represents a particular meaningWe need a symbol — a logo — we can put on our service stations.2 (also ticker symbol)FINANCE the letters used to represent a particular company’s shares on a stockmarketThe stock exchange began trading shares under the ticker symbol DYQ. see also status symbol
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