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sympathizersym‧pa‧thiz‧er (also sympathiser British English) /ˈsɪmpəθaɪzə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  PPGSUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLANsomeone who supports the aims of an organization or political party syn supporter The anti-abortion rally attracted many sympathizers.
Examples from the Corpus
sympathizerWhen friends and sympathizers of this group protested, they too were sent home.She found only one - a woman who feels betrayed by sympathizers in the West.He thought money from sympathizers had formed the reliable backbone, though he wasn't going to argue with Terry.These include massacres and dislocation of civilians in the name of rooting out supposed guerrilla sympathizers.In the 1940s, my uncle was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer.His opponents accused him of being a Nazi sympathizer.Police accused him of being a rebel sympathizer and he was charged with extortion and resisting arrest.The initial bone of contention was the question of the terms on which sympathizers should be admitted to the Party.
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