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synopsissy‧nop‧sis /sɪˈnɒpsɪs $ -ˈnɑːp-/ noun (plural synopses /-siːz/)  [countable]ASUMMARIZE a short description of the main events or ideas in a book, film etc syn summarysynopsis of a synopsis of the play
Examples from the Corpus
synopsisThat too is a relevant question, so, following is a synopsis of my credentials in that respect.Please write a synopsis of the story, not more than 100 words long.Mark Drake gave a brief synopsis of the issues.This is a brief synopsis of the plot of Passing Time.Some are commissioned but suggestions can be made to the Commentary Editor in the form of one-page synopsis.Eliot's synopsis included the murder of Mrs Porter.I read the synopsis and decided that it would make an interesting film.Kneale read the synopsis but felt the format too whimsical to fit his much grimmer style of writing.The synopsis involves the conversion of 12,673 megawatts of electrical generation.This synopsis is offered merely as proof that the book has been read.
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