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synthesissyn‧the‧sis /ˈsɪnθɪsɪs/ ●○○ noun (plural syntheses /-siːz/)  1 [countable, uncountable]TOGETHER something that has been made by combining different things, or the process of combining things syn combinationsynthesis of a synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophical ideassee thesaurus at mixture2 [uncountable]TITOGETHER the act of making a chemical or biological substancesynthesis of the synthesis of proteins3 [uncountable]APMTC the production of sounds, speech, or music electronically speech synthesis software
Examples from the Corpus
synthesisIn such situations there is reduced endogenous dermal synthesis of vitamin D precursors.An interesting development is the direct synthesis of acetic anhydride, used to make cellulose acetate for photographic film base.This slow process led in the direction of Hinduism, a vast eclectic synthesis to which we shall return shortly.What you hear will incorporate high-fidelity sound, speech synthesis, and speech recognition.Speech synthesis units are being incorporated into cars like the Maestro as part of the standard instrumentation.In a human pharmaceutical factory the synthesis of a useful chemical needs a production line.This book is the substance of his Lyell Lectures in 1983 but is the synthesis of thirty years' work.The second dynamically equivalent mechanism is to introduce delays into the loop that correspond to synthesis and transport delays.synthesis ofa synthesis of scientific knowledge and religious faiththe synthesis of thyroid hormone in the bodyThe NOAA provides information about water quality problems through synthesis of existing information, techniques, and policies.
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