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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsyntheticssyn‧thet‧ics /sɪnˈθetɪks/ noun [plural]  substances or materials, especially cloth, that are made using a chemical process
Examples from the Corpus
syntheticsIn the 1970s, synthetics began taking the place of wool.Racket strings are divided into two groups - natural gut and synthetics.Again the work of Peter Sauber, the C291 is built entirely from synthetics.As raw materials became scarce, synthetics were developed.They are now often juxtaposed with previously scorned synthetics.It was not only wool that behaved in this manner, some synthetics could do the same thing.Another problem is that some synthetics smell, even when washed, so look for fibres coated with an antibacterial agent.And if treated correctly it has a much longer life than synthetics.The synthetics are cheaper than down however and will provide some insulation even when wet.
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