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syrupsyr‧up /ˈsɪrəp $ ˈsɜː-, ˈsɪ-/ noun [uncountable]  1 DFa thick sticky sweet liquid, eaten on top of or mixed with other foods ice cream and maple syrup2 DFsweet liquid made from sugar and water, used in cans of fruit cough syrup at cough mixture
Examples from the Corpus
syrupDrain the mangoes and discard any syrup.chocolate syrupChances are you will find corn syrup listed as a sweetener.cough syrupPut the sugar, butter, vinegar, golden syrup and water into a heavy saucepan.A pediatric formulation of the drug, in syrup form, was approved last October.In between, Jack managed to come by our table occasionally to replenish on pancakes and bacon with maple syrup.maple syrupThat means 2,145,150 pounds of flour, 3,813,600 eggs and 937,500 gallons of syrup.Remove from heat and beat in sugars, syrup, eggs, milk and peanuts.Drain the syrup from the can of peaches.Spoon into a serving dish and serve warm - but not too hot or the syrup will burn.
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