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table a proposal/question/motion etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtable a proposal/question/motion etctable a proposal/question/motion etcBritish EnglishSUGGEST to formally present a proposal etc for other people to discuss Dr Clark tabled a motion for debate at next month’s committee meeting. table
Examples from the Corpus
table a proposal/question/motion etcThe Umpires' Association had planned to table a motion giving an official vote of support for Lamb.He has tabled a question on the issue for tomorrow's council meeting.Even our own wets will summon up the courage to table a question or two.If the hon. Gentleman wants to table a question or write to me, I shall be glad to enlarge upon that.The move came after a vote by regents indefinitely tabling a motion to rescind their July 20 vote revising admissions policies.Baldwin tabled proposals which involved payments of £34 million a year.
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