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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtabloidtab‧loid /ˈtæblɔɪd/ (also tabloid newspaper) noun [countable]  TCNa newspaper that has small pages, a lot of photographs, and stories mainly about sex, famous people etc rather than serious newsbroadsheetsee thesaurus at newspapertabloid adjective [only before noun] tabloid journalists
Examples from the Corpus
tabloidIt was this morning's paper he had brought her, a national tabloid printed in London.Her latest affair was splashed across the cover of the supermarket tabloids.And if coverage by the tabloids has missed some of the debate's subtleties, perhaps that is little surprise.The national dailies can be dismissed quickly, especially the tabloids.She just married me to get money from selling to the tabloids.She claimed that she had had an affair with the President, and sold her story to the tabloids.The tabloids went for sensations, scandals, gossip and, especially, opinion.No photo expert for either side has scrutinized the 30 snapshots, which Flammer is shopping to tabloids.Witnesses who cooperate with tabloids in return for money often find themselves subjected to withering criticism if they are called into court.
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