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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtactictac‧tic /ˈtæktɪk/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 WAY/METHODa method that you use to achieve something a tactic employed to speed up the peace process Republicans accuse Democrats of using delaying tactics (=something you do in order to give yourself more time) to prevent a final vote on the bill. Shock tactics are being used in an attempt to stop drink drivers.2 tactics strong-arm tactics at strong-armCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + tactic a delaying tactic (=an action which gives you more time)His enemies believed that his sickness was just another delaying tactic.scare tactics (=in which you deliberately try to frighten people)He accused the opposition of scare tactics.shock tactics (=in which you deliberately try to shock people)The charity resorted to shock tactics to try to bring its message home.strong-arm tactics (=the use of force, violence, or threats)Others were furious at what they said were government strong-arm tactics over the vote.a diversionary tactic (=an action which draws attention away from something)Before the attack, nearby areas were bombed as a diversionary tactic.underhand/unfair tactics (=actions which are not fair or honest)I wouldn't stoop to such sneaky, underhand tactics.verbsuse a tacticWe used various tactics to get their support.employ/adopt a tactic formal (=use a tactic)Many species of fish employ similar defence tactics.change/switch tacticsManchester United switched tactics in the second half.resort to a tactic (=use a tactic because there is no other way to do something)Students resort to these tactics when they see no other way to address the problem.a tactic works (=is successful)Those tactics won’t work with me anymore – I know you too well.phrasesa change of tacticsThey trailed 2–1 at half time, but a change of tactics brought a 3–2 win.
Examples from the Corpus
tacticGiving out criticism rather than praise is a tactic that rarely works in the workplace.He's threatening to sue us? That's a tactic he's used before.We may have to use more aggressive tactics to get rid of him.The question was just a delaying tactic to stop her leaving the room.One tactic is simply to shield the device, by enclosing it in a metal or plastic box of low impedance.One tactic she has used is to decide matters outside the formal Cabinet, either in committees or in informal groups.Some Wall Street firms have expressed outrage at punitive awards, and many investors have complained of brokers' stalling tactics.She had always failed in the tactics of small talk.The men, as one might imagine, were not so happy with the tactic.Alas, many companies are already wise to this tactic.Shock tacticsAnd video nasty. Shock tactics to drum safety into young drivers.Read in studio Shock tactics are being used in an attempt to stop persistent drink drivers.Read in studio Shock tactics are being used to make young drivers more aware of danger on the roads.
From Longman Business Dictionarytactictac‧tic /ˈtæktɪk/ noun [countable usually plural] a method that you use to achieve somethingAggressive advertising tactics may mislead consumers.The union has used every possible delaying tactic (=something you do to give yourself more time).
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