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tacticaltac‧tic‧al /ˈtæktɪkəl/ ●○○ adjective  1 PLANrelating to what you do to achieve what you want, especially as part of a game or large plan Two players were substituted for tactical reasons.tactical move/decision/ploy a tactical decision to send in troopstactical error/mistake/blunder (=a mistake that will harm your plans later)2 tactical weapon/missile3 PMrelating to the way military forces are arranged in a battletactically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
tacticalEven short-range nuclear missiles are tactical.a tactical advantagea tactical army unitThe next level, the tactical level, is involved in negotiating junctions and situations such as overtaking.This distressing situation served to bring out the fact that Nagumo had been assigned two tactical missions which were essentially incompatible.They have agreed to close the business as a tactical move to avoid public criticism.No one thinks more attentively about the tactical political options.Forbes's unexpected emergence points to intriguing tactical questions.tactical error/mistake/blunderOne problem relates to a tactical blunder by Swapo.Because he was still ideologically sound, strategic and tactical mistakes could be forgiven.The tactical mistakes made in attempting to implement this program were manifold, but more important was the strategic error.First, he made the tactical error of blaming the civil war on the ethnic groups in the north of the country.Could this have been a major tactical error on my part?However, by two grave tactical errors, they frittered away this supremacy without ever realising its value.
From Longman Business Dictionarytacticaltac‧tic‧al /ˈtæktɪkəl/ adjective1done in order to achieve what you want at a later time, especially in a large planTheir agreement was a tactical move to avoid the threat of legal action.2tactical mistake/error a mistake that will harm your plans in the futureIt was probably a tactical mistake to offer the contract to a new company.
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