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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtactlesstact‧less /ˈtæktləs/ adjective  CARELESSlikely to upset or embarrass someone without intending to opp tactful I thought it would be tactless to ask about her divorce. She’s one of the most tactless people I’ve ever met. a tactless remarksee thesaurus at careless, rude, unkindtactlessly adverbtactlessness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
tactlessUnder the present circumstances, it seemed somehow tactless.I knew that my question was tactless, almost gross.She was often tactless and insensitive.How could he be so tactless as to make jokes about funerals when her father's just died?a tactless commentOf course, a tactless dealer irritated him even more at this sort of time.It was a deeply tactless idea.It was a bit tactless of you to start talking about her ex-boyfriend.He made all sorts of tactless remarks about her appearance.tactless remarksI wanted to know about her divorce but thought it would be tactless to ask.Beyond that, it would be tactless to enquire.tactless remarkAnd then he made all sorts of tactless remarks about the state of the body.
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