2 verb
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tag2 past tense and past participle tagged, present participle tagging [transitive]
1D to attach a tag to something:
Each bird was tagged and released into the wild.
2 to give someone or something a name or title, or describe them in a particular way
be tagged (as) something
The country no longer wants to be tagged as a Third World nation.
3TD to attach a tag in a computer program or document:
All the words are tagged with their part of speech.
4 informal to illegally paint your name on a wall, vehicle etc
5 American English to touch someone you are chasing in a game, especially to touch someone with the ball in baseball

tag along

phrasal verb
to go somewhere with someone, especially when they have not asked you to go with them [= tag on British English]
Kate tagged along with mum and Vicky.

tag on

phrasal verb

tag something ↔ on

to add something, especially something that was thought of later
2 British English to tag along

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