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take a bath

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake a bathtake a bathBLOSE/NOT HAVE ANYMORE American English informal to lose money, especially in a business deal We took a bath in the market over that stock. bath
Examples from the Corpus
take a bathHe eats baked beans each day and takes baths in the tinned food.We had long, serious talks and took baths and discussed things with the light on and then with the light out.While Dooley took a bath, the rector made two calls asking for prayer, and gave Miss Sadie an update.Ever found time flying when you're taking a bath or drinking a cup of tea?What animal do you look like when you're taking a bath?Alone in the house, Carla would read, take a bath in front of the dining room fire, wash her hair.We really took a bath on that deal.They had hardly explored the place before Cristalena suggested they take a bath.He had time to take a bath.
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