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take a bend/fence/corner etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake a bend/fence/corner etctake a bend/fence/corner etcDRIVEto try to get over or around something in a particular way He took the bend at over 60 and lost control. take
Examples from the Corpus
take a bend/fence/corner etcRiding to hounds, taking fences and obstacles along a route dictated by the fox is a very skilled activity.But Jack managed to have Bailey taking a corner - and then Bailey heading the flag-kick into the net.He was also taking fencing, just because it was new and different.Vi took a corner seat farthest away from the door.We took a corner table and sat down.They take corners to the far post and have a direct shot at goal from a free kick.Next time she came ... He began fantasising and had to take avoiding action 81 when he took a corner too wide.Lucker has not been taking corners well.
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