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take a turn in/on etc something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake a turn in/on etc somethingtake a turn in/on etc somethingold-fashionedWALK to walk somewhere for pleasure turn
Examples from the Corpus
take a turn in/on etc somethingHutson and Wright took turns on a machine gun.I said I never had to take turns in my old house with my mum and my dad.I took a turn on a rope slide and had to sit on a tractor tyre on the way down.In other collaborative activities individuals take turns in sitting vigilantly alert while others feed, thereby functioning as watchdogs or guards.In the teaching of the principles of group discussion, every member of the group should take turns in leading the discussion.Kelly took a turn in law school, then left academics and Pittsburgh behind.This year there is no such urgency that could save feds and retirees from taking a turn on the chopping block.When word slipped out that the governor would be taking a turn on stage, snickers abounded in the capital.
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