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take care

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake caretake carea) spoken used when saying goodbye to family and friends Take care! See you next week! b) to be careful Take care when driving in icy conditions.take care to do something Take care to ensure that the ladder is steady before you climb it.take care (that) Take care that the meat is cooked properly. care
Examples from the Corpus
take care (that)Whether you are 20 or 80 years-old you can take care of yourself.This year we even took care of the children with Margaret Hickman running activities throughout the afternoon.There are three main reasons for taking care of an elderly person.But the company had taken care of her, even helped her cover physical-therapy costs by trading some products for her treatment.A lay brother let us in through a postern gate where others took care of our horses and baggage.When my cousin called, she offered me $ 500 to take care of the funeral.The pirates did not return, and we had time to take care of the wounded.The actual mechanics of the operation would take care of themselves.
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