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take delight in (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake delight in (doing) somethingtake delight in (doing) somethingENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingto enjoy something very much, especially something you should not do Chris takes great delight in teasing his sister. delight
Examples from the Corpus
take delight in (doing) somethingJohn, of course, had long since lost his northern accent and took delight in his appearance as the well-heeled businessman.My dad took delight in calling me "The Big Ox" when I started growing taller than the other girls.The story of the purchase of Sarah's burial plot is comedy, and comedy frequently takes delight in debunking heroes.But do I take delight in pushing you down, making you worse?They remember you at your most awkward and unformed and they take delight in reminding you of it.Or a human parent will take delight in teaching their child to walk and talk and do so many things.Congressional wives take delight in pointing out that kind of error to their husbands.You take delight in vexing me.
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