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take delivery of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake delivery of somethingtake delivery of somethingto officially accept something large that you have bought We expect to take delivery of the aircraft sometime in June. delivery
Examples from the Corpus
take delivery of somethingSoon after taking delivery of the car, he had a crash in it, due to its defective steering mechanism.The buyers took delivery of the foil but never made full payment.The construction equipment giant has been a customer since the early Seventies, and has taken delivery of 150,000 engines to date.Read in studio A new detention centre for immigrants has taken delivery of its first inmates, despite protests from local people.School joy: Eastbourne School, Darlington, will take delivery of a brand new £14,000 minibus on Wednesday.First, the cheque which Y had given X when Y took delivery of the car from X, was dishonoured.
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