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take effect

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake effecttake effectto start to produce results The morphine was starting to take effect and the pain eased. effect
Examples from the Corpus
take effectSmith's appointment as deputy inspector general never took effect.By the time the order took effect, however, the issue had already become moot.It will be a while before the government's new economic policy takes effect.The new rules take effect January 1.The dentist gave me an injection that took effect almost immediately, and I didn't feel a thing.The changes were expected to take effect following a referendum scheduled for Sept. 15.It will be a few minutes before the drugs start to take effect.As he spoke, his language grew rougher and rougher, as if a Jekyll and Hyde transformation were taking effect.After that it will take effect and will remain on your file for six years.The controversial bike-helmet law will take effect January 1.She said she had been told by government officials the reform will take effect on April 1.As you type, word wrap will take effect at character position 39, the right margin of the first column.The Constitution would take effect from Feb. 12,1992.
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