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take exception to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake exception to somethingtake exception to somethingOFFENDto be angry or upset because of something Tom took great exception to my remark about Americans. exception
Examples from the Corpus
take exception to somethingNot that, for the most part, there was much that visitors could take exception to.What I take exception to is the manner in which we are presently carrying out our naval preparations.Jones took exception to a comment I made about his weight.They had not taken exception to it before, so why start now?Paul took exception to her advice and resigned.Louise picked out a pretty little pink dress that nobody could possibly take exception to and so honour was satisfied.No one could possibly take exception to this Mathis infant.Dunbar could scarcely take exception to that, and changed the subject.Owen thought for a moment that he was taking exception to the casual obscenity, but it was not that.
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