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take form

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake formtake forma) to begin to exist or develop The womb represents the very first place in which life takes form. b) to start to become a particular shape As the men worked, I watched the ship’s hull take form. form
Examples from the Corpus
take formSuddenly a new aspect appears beyond the obvious and very gradually takes form.It exists in conservatives' minds, has taken form on paper and has dropped roots in a few, isolated areas.In this faded house among the ferns, a bright idea was inevitably taking form.Here, as also in pages to come, we see the most singular feature of the affluent society taking form.Slowly the new structure took form.The world seemed to take form in his eyes: to grow bright and rich and real.As those projects struggle to take form, competition seems to be rubbing rivals uncomfortably.
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