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take/have/play no part in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake/have/play no part in somethingtake/have/play no part in somethingto not be involved in something She took no part in the fighting. part
Examples from the Corpus
take/have/play no part in somethingSchuster insists his political connections played no part in the choice.The mostly white jurors who actually sat in the jury room, insisted that race had played no part in their decision.The very act of imagining Gods exempt from suffering ensures that humans take no part in the deity.This is not to say that economic imperatives play no part in penal developments.Johnny played no part in this world.Of course, Laura took no part in such a major business decision; the empire builder was Bernard.Herrera, personally, took no part in this mild form of political persecution.They are evaluated and yet play no part in defining the criteria, determining the methods, or controlling the process.
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