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take place

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake placetake placeHAPPENto happen, especially after being planned or arranged The next meeting will take place on Thursday. Talks between the two sides are still taking place. Major changes are taking place in society. place
Examples from the Corpus
take placeThe ball took place in the Great Room at Grosvenor House.The film takes place during foggy days in London and in the gloom of darkened rooms and candlelit corridors.Police are trying to prevent the demonstration from taking place.Since the early 1960s, considerable debate has taken place in educational circles about the nature of history as a discipline.Furthermore, the transference from Worcester to Lincoln of the concept of a ten-bayed concentric chapter house took place about 1225.The incident took place outside any warning area.When did the robbery take place?Eud provides only the barest information; the separation took place.My first little skirmish took place over a film, one about rape.Whether versions of destruction are to take place within or without the industrial enterprise, the political implications are obvious.The next Olympics will take place in Australia.The wedding will take place at St Andrew's church.
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