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take shape

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake shapetake shapeDEVELOPto develop into a clear and definite form An idea was beginning to take shape in his mind. shape
Examples from the Corpus
take shapeThen passersby saw thousands of feet of wire being strung, and soon a huge, strange-looking antenna system began taking shape.The creator of Yoknapatawpha County took shape on a bench, seated with his legs crossed, holding a pipe.The world watched as the fleet took shape.Later as weapons and uniforms became available and with the help of the older men, the unit began to take shape.Quickly the character of Witness began to take shape.An obvious case is that of Eärendil, the first character to take shape in Tolkien's mythology.A new plan was taking shape.Such was the excitement in the field as the new theory of plate tectonics was taking shape.
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