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take sides

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake sidestake sidesto choose to support one person or group in an argument, and oppose the other one side
Examples from the Corpus
take sidesTo the extent the Behls take sides, they are Democrats.Golding and Slater, in separate letters to President Clinton, complained that Rich improperly took sides in a local policy debate.Diplomats said Washington was reluctant to offer any formula in writing because this would mean taking sides.It has also caused businessmen to openly take sides in a debate they traditionally left to politicians and human-rights activists.We're not here to take sides in this case.I don't mind you two arguing, but don't ask me to take sides.I do not want to take sides in this matter; but I do want to point out the following consequences.The chairwoman managed to stimulate a lively debate without taking sides herself.You have to understand how much it hurts when society makes you take sides, makes you choose.
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