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take somebody for a ride

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake somebody for a ridetake somebody for a ridespokenTRICK/DECEIVE to trick someone, especially in order to get money from them I’d just begun to realise he was taking me for a ride. ride
Examples from the Corpus
take somebody for a rideOpo would ease between her legs and take her for rides.After the deal was signed, I felt like I'd been taken for a ride.Nicola explodes with anger when she discovers stud boss Andrew has been taking her for a ride.I wish I could take them for a ride in my little airplane and show how beautiful the world can look.Well, at least he's not going to take her for a ride, like her first husband.He wanted to take her for a ride.I'd already given him £50 when I realized he was taking me for a ride.We took it for a ride.
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