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take somebody/something for granted

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake somebody/something for grantedtake somebody/something for grantedIGNOREto expect that someone or something will always be there when you need them and never think how important or useful they are Bridget was careful not to take him for granted. grant
Examples from the Corpus
take somebody/something for grantedClinton can not take women for granted.For much of its course, the later novel takes all this for granted.It does not take victory for granted.Lesley had issued her fiat with such confidence that she had taken his compliance for granted.But he took nothing for granted and left little to chance.He took it all for granted, and would never have a clue just how blessed he was.Why do we take it for granted that education is a good to which everyone equally is entitled?He took it for granted that people would fall in love with Eva.
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