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take something as a compliment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake something as a complimenttake something as a complimentto be pleased about what someone says about you, even though they may not mean to be nice They all seem to think that I ask rather cheeky questions, which I’ll take as a compliment. compliment
Examples from the Corpus
take something as a complimentHe would only assume that she attached some importance to his opinion and take it as a compliment.But Marcel would no doubt take that as a compliment.After a bit she became used to being stared at, even taking it as a compliment.I did not quite know what they meant but I took it as a compliment.I take that as a compliment.But when she heard such things, Privet took it as a compliment.But the members of Greyhound Soul take it as a compliment, as it was meant to be taken.I said he was a workaholic, and he seemed to take it as a compliment.After all, these services are free and we take it as a compliment if you ask.
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