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take something in your stride

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake something in your stridetake something in your strideBritish English, take something in stride American EnglishDEAL WITH to not allow something to annoy, embarrass, or upset you When the boss asked Judy to stay late, she took it in stride. stride
Examples from the Corpus
take something in your strideNigel smiled and took the criticism in his stride.You do dangerous things and take them in your stride just for starters.Liz seems to be taking the divorce in her stride.No doubt, he felt he could take that in his stride.Rut the Europa took it in its stride, sucking itself to the tarmac and slicing through.He took mountains in his stride.I was very impressed with our position, but Peter just took it in his stride.Jimmy was old enough to take it in his stride.Most kids get teased a bit at school - they have to learn to take it in their stride.Cocooned in happiness, Leslie seemed to take it in his stride, his attitude one of cheerful impatience.You took everything in your stride - walking up Henry Street, a bucket of water went right in front of me.
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