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take something into consideration

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake something into considerationtake something into considerationREMEMBERto remember to think about something important when you are making a decision or judgment We will take your recent illness into consideration when marking your exams. Grammar Don’t say: take something in consideration | take something under consideration consideration
Examples from the Corpus
take something into considerationMortality does not, however, take lifetime risk into consideration.League tables that do not take that correlation into consideration distort reality and are inaccurate.A large part of my life has been spent taking you into consideration.Many nations began pursuing measures that took this discrepancy into consideration.We therefore took this data into consideration when calculating the superhelical densities of the different plasmid preparations.Engineers looking at flood defences and modelling catchments, sewer systems and watercourses, have to take many factors into consideration.They had enough information to take the archeology into consideration.Even when other factors were taken into consideration, shorter men had a higher risk of heart attacks.That way you hear other people's views and can prepare argument and reason which take them into consideration.
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